Saturday, September 20

Scream baby scream

p/s i really like this poem.really amazing ;)

Scream baby scream
Make them hear your voice
Show them what you're worth
And I promise
one day they will notice

Just keep screaming baby

Then they might look closer

Whispers wil get you nowhere babe

You gotta scream until they notice
Wake 'em up and break 'em up
and make 'em open their eyes

Scream baby scream

Cos you're a whirlwind in disguise
And you're nothing until you scream
You're not the kind to run away
but you're not the kind to stay
You're the kind to fake it, make up
and wake up all alone

Scream your little heart out baby

And pull yourself together
Scream into the lonely night
And they'll see who you really are

Scream baby scream

Or they'll never understand
Scream into the ocean
Scream into the silence
With a voice like a fallen angel
They better listen sometime soon

Scream baby scream

And you might find a way out

Scream baby scream

And I promise

One day they'll notice

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