Wednesday, January 28

Tag dari ejam dan babyjaneIKA.

Rules, fill the name list first
Make it random it's more good
then, answer the question

  1. luna
  2. babyjaneIKA
  3. laju
  4. adinda atiqa
  5. nadiarawr
  6. ila maulana
  7. hannah-j
  8. ejam
  9. ace+
  10. capullet360

How do you know 1?
mula mula kenal dari myspace

What would you do if you never met 2?
boleh jadik kawan yg baik kan kan

What would you do if 3 & 4 dated you?
oh cool mungkin ;)

Would 5 & 6 make a good couple?
lesbo terbaik haha

Do you think 7 is attractive?
yeah cun siot

Do you know anything about 8’s family?
mendidik anak die menjadi yg anak yg baik kot mcm skg ni

Tell me something about 9.
die friendly ;)

What language does 2 speak?
rojak campur melayu dan english

Who is 3 going out with?
bf baru die kot

How old is 4?
20 rasenya

20 jugak

Who is 6 favorite singer?
ntah tapi jiwang song agaknya

hardcore band hahaha

Is 8 single?
tak kot

What is 9 last name?
realname pun tak tao

Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
bole kawan baik kot

What are you talking about?
hey fucker ;D

Which school does 2 go to?
uitm shah alam rasanya

What do you like about 4?
die sweet

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